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  • What brought you here?


    - Our service is not proactive
    - We've outgrown our provider
    - Recurring IT issues
    - We want timely friendly IT support


    - We're worried about security
    - Unsure if we're protected
    - We were hacked
    - No standards/best practices


    - We have no disaster plan
    - Don’t get advice/strategy
    - No structured IT plan/budget
    - We are managing IT ourselves


    - We want to move to the cloud
    - Having issues with our cloud
    - Pandemic and disaster planning
    - We want proactive cloud service










    Realtime Feedback From Our Helpdesk

    “Thank you for the outstanding service and for making sure it got done today" – Miranda S

    “As usual Chris is amazing and got the hard drive issue handled with no disruption to our business" – Annie J

    “Quick, spot-on, knows his things. 10/10 for Brian!" – Nadine A

    "Reza is awesome, great municator and works quickly to resolve issues" – Nilackshica M

    “Dan is an excellent! He is quick & informative so I never have the same problem again" – Biniam R

    “Jordan truly assisted me setting up my new cell. He was persistent & knowledgeable. Always a pleasure dealing with the PACE staff" – Mark M


    Standard Services


    24/7 Monitoring, Security & Backups


    Ticketing System & Emergency Support


    Network Upgrades, Server Installs, Office Moves

    Proactive Services


    Your Engineer for Proactive Network Administration


    Your Strategy Team for Proactive Technology Planning


    Industry leading tools and proactive processes to protect your business


    Unplicate your IT

    Our all-inclusive IT management system, pleteCare IT.


    Leveraging innovative tools, processes and people to cultivate our client’s success.


    Get Sought-After IT Security Tips from Toronto’s Only ISO-Certified Managed IT Services pany!


    pleteCare is an all-inclusive Managed IT Support Service that provides small and mid-sized businesses in Toronto with all the benefits of an enterprise-level IT department. We achieve significantly better results for our clients owing this to our unique process, structure and procedure.

    IT support panies may appear similar considering that we all have access to similar tools and many panies present similar features such as monitoring, proactive service, guidance, etc. The difference with IT Support panies is not the promoted features or the best intentions of delivering on those features. The real difference is having the right processes and infrastructure to guarantee those features and get the desired results.



    Are You Ready For Technology Success?

    STEP: 1


    30 Minute Consultation

    STEP: 2


    Technology Infrastructure Review

    STEP: 3


    Proactive Processes, Business Results & Productivity



    Finally, the professional IT service that everybody else promised!


    “We first met PACE a couple of years ago when we were making a vendor change. We ended up choosing a lower priced option that promised us great proactive services. It was a big mistake and cost us a year with nothing but excuses and band-aid fixes. PACE showed their value right from the beginning as the transition was very thorough and almost unnoticeable to our staff with the exception that some nagging issues were finally resolved. Their IT solutions service has made a positive impact on our business and well worth the additional investment!”


    “During COVID19, PACE was amazing. A lot of employees needed to get set up for remote access and they were quick to get this acplished. Any concerns I had were dealt with quickly and the transition was smooth. A special thank you to Reza, who does a lot of our setups. He is always quick, knowledgeable and great to deal with. Thanks PACE for the IT support!”


    “When I sum up my experience with PACE I usually say “I sleep very well at night because I trust them. They know what they are doing.” Our experience with PACE has been great since day 1. I know that your team has the knowledge to support us, and you are doing it in a friendly and efficient manner. The managed IT support services provided in the first couple of weeks of the work from home craze was outstanding: the questions and issues raised were addressed and resolved promptly, sometimes faster than under normal circumstances."


    "The value that we get from PACE is immeasurable. I’d like to thank Duarte, our Business Advisor, for his help in providing guidance. Before PACE we never had a plan and had to prod our old pany for advice or try and figure it out ourselves, and we are not IT people. I feel like I understand what’s going on with our IT now and am seeing the benefit to proactively managing our IT vs just fixing things when they go wrong.”



    Contact us today to find out how PACE Technical IT services can help your business!

    Our Partners


    Fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible!

    475 Cochrane Drive. Unit 4

    Markham, Ontario L3R 9R5

    Phone: (905) 763-7896

    Email: [email protected]


    PACE Technical provides IT support in Toronto to small and mid-sized businesses in industries like Legal, Manufacturing, Finance, Accounting, Non-Profit, B2B, Construction etc. Unlike other IT panies in Toronto, we are an ISO 9001:2015 certified business that values process and procedure in every aspect of our IT solutions. ?


    IT support panies may appear similar considering that we all have access to similar tools and many panies present similar features such as monitoring, proactive services, guidance, etc. The difference with IT Support panies is not the promoted features or the best intentions of delivering on those features. The real difference is having the right processes and infrastructure to guarantee those features and get the desired results.


    Downtime can be detrimental to any business and in today’s technology-driven world, your pany requires 24/7 IT solutions in Toronto. The?cost of downtime?varies and is dependent on your revenue, industry, the actual duration of the outage, the number of people impacted, the time of day, and more. If you experience an unplanned downtime during peak business hours, your costs will be higher. Can you really afford to be without your technology?? We can prevent this with our Managed IT Support. Our IT Solutions in Toronto ensure that you have a properly designed and maintained IT infrastructure that will result in increased efficiency, security and value. We will handle everything from installing and implementing your technology solutions to maintaining and monitoring them to prevent downtime that can rob you of optimal productivity.


    With the ever-changing technology landscape and sophisticated cyber mafias cropping up, your business is at an increased risk of breaches and data loss unless you use the right approach to security. A properly protected network requires constant monitoring and a layered enterprise-based protection plan. We will remotely monitor your network, mitigate incidents, block intrusions, and ensure security issues are addressed immediately. Our 24/7 security monitoring provides visibility into all your IT assets, uses automated data feeds to quantify risks, confirms the effectiveness of security controls, and implements remedies if needed. Most small businesses in the GTA cannot afford the liabilities, fines, and penalties a data breach can cost. The value of a professional layered security solution with remote monitoring cannot be underestimated. All businesses, no matter how large or small, need a Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solution in the event of data loss, hardware damage, or IT failure. It ensures your business can stay up and running when power outages occur. Your systems are protected even from manmade disasters like puter viruses, cybercrime, or property damage.?


    Cloud puting can increase your employee’s productivity, mobility, security, and ultimately, your profitability. You cannot ask for better value than this.?How does this work? Cloud puting uses networks of remote servers accessed over the Internet to store, process, and manage data.? Today’s forward-thinking businesses (and most of our clients) use our cloud services to increase staff mobility, cut unnecessary costs, and benefit from a scalable IT environment. We can help you choose the right cloud solutions for your unique needs.

    A lot of small businesses “spin their wheels” when it es to choosing the right technology. They try out new hardware, software, and other technologies that do not work for them. A year later, these products are sitting on a shelf somewhere collecting dust. How are you supposed to know what will work for you both today and into the future? You have other tasks to focus on. Our IT Strategic Planning Services are forward-thinking and innovative, yet firmly grounded in practical, cost-effective solutions that provide value. These services are handled by our Client Strategy team. These are seasoned professionals who offer the important services your business requires to succeed in today’s technology-driven world.

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